Why do some of the dots on the map have an outline and some don't?
The dots that don't have an outline are part of the crowd-sourced map that everyone can see. The ones with an outline show where you have been in the current session (that is, since you opened LastContact).
What do the fuzzy dots on the map mean?
A fuzzy dot (green or red) indicates that when LastContact recorded a point on the map, the location accuracy was low. It does not add low-accuracy points to the crowd-sourced map, but it does show them on the map that you see.
How do I close LastContact?
LastContact runs in the background so it can keep tracking where you do and don't have signal without having to stay open in the foreground. But if you want to close it completely, tap the settings (cog) button and then tap Sleep. Or swipe up on LastContact in the app switcher.
Why don't the places I have been show up on the crowd-sourced map right away?
LastContact sends data to its database as it records it. Every few hours, the new and updated data in the database is added to the crowd-sourced map.
On my dual-SIM iPhone the network visibility selector shows my secondary network. Why doesn't it show my primary one?
iOS doesn't make phone signal information available to apps directly. So LastContact uses the availability of a mobile data connection as an indicator of signal availability. A dual-SIM iPhone can only use one mobile data connection at a time, so this is the one that LastContact shows and records signal availability for.


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